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Reflections on the 2009 Deer Season

So far, I’d have to say hunting this year has been decent, at least for PA. I harvested a doe during the rifle season and I’ve seen more deer this year than in previous ones–not massive numbers by any means, but seeing 20 deer in a season is unheard of for me. I just don’t seem to have the same skills as others to pick out the movement. Despite that, I really enjoy the peacefulness of sitting in the woods. It seems to be the only time I can sit and not have a million things running through my head. A time when I can converse with God and thank Him for his blessings, and his creation.

I still have another month of hunting in the Pittsburgh area and I’m hoping to get another doe to fill the freezer. And now that we have some snow, maybe, just maybe I’ll see the deer now…