OpenStack Summit

I have the privileges of heading to Atlanta today for a few days. This is a dual-purpose trip, first to do some work at $job’s data center, but, more exciting, is the second reason, which is the OpenStack Summit.

My role at $job is a mix of management and technical, with my primary technical aspect being the virtual infrastructure. VMware was selected as the hypervisor because of how simple it is to implement and manage and the amazing options for automation. Whenever possible, we will use open source options if they exist and don’t increase the workload significantly. My team is made up of 5 guys (including me) and manage >500 physical and virtual systems, with a wide variety of technologies (Linux, MySQL, Spacewalk, Puppet, VMware, storage, networking, security, etc).

My goal with attending the keynotes and wandering the vendor hall is to understand how OpenStack has been evolving over the past couple of years and where we could or should be using it within our infrastructure. I tend to be someone who tries to keep up on what is happening with competing and complementary solutions to what we use, and OpenStack has been maturing nicely where I don’t think it would be a significant management burden to implement and maintain.

One area of particular interest is how we could leverage OpenStack with Docker and Vagrant to provide a better environment for the software developers. We’re considering using vCloud for our developer environment, and I think the OpenStack ecosystem might have a comparable offering.

I’m also looking forward to meeting some of the people I follow on Twitter.


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